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When children pay attention to brands

BrandTrends is now extending its services to a new component: Kids Media Consumption & Brand Interactions


Deep-edge marketing research on children’ media consumption and brand interactions to determine when children are most receptive to brand messages

With the growth of streaming services, apps, and the Internet, it is more important than ever for marketers to investigate how children consume media material, why, when, and with whom. They need also consider how do brands most effectively engage children.


Identify when, where and how kids are most likely to be engaged by brands


Find out how they interact with brands daily


And determine the best / optimum times to connect with their customers

Our Kids Media Consumption & Brand Interaction is a leading deep-edge marketing research and consulting that helps you create more targeted marketing campaigns, with higher emotional connection with your customers, and stronger brand recognition; and unlike competitors, our service is most complete, exhaustive, thorough and innovative

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