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Consumer Behaviors


"The Kid Consumer's unique KPI's are tailored to meet the needs of strategic brand leaders, creatives, developers and designers, planners and analysts across kids industries".

Map the route

You map out the landmarks and touchpoints to which kids attract, navigate, and interact, the evolving influences and sources of fresh information that enter their orbit, to steer or divert them, and you identify and track the route map that kids follow to find new brands. This is achieved by taking a 360° approach to kids' lives, through our unique way to track this information.


Set your key marketing targets

You refine key marketing and commercial objectives to ensure higher success and find the tools to achieve those objectives through marketing activity, brand development, and media involvement. You also use the unique KPI's developed for you.


Assess the impact of your investments

You evaluate the impact of your investments, you figure out what works, and you adjust your marketing budgets accordingly. You also answer crucial marketing issues with unique key data coverage and deep granularity, so you to make confident marketing decisions.


Stay informed about kids

You stay in touch and informed with kids, tweens, and teens from the minute they get up to the time they go to bed. Find out what youngsters do in their waking hours during the school year and on vacations. Activities will differ depending on the hemisphere, season, age, and gender. New fashion fads come and go. In their daily lives, they never miss a beat

Let's Work Together

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