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    The resource to help you grow your business with licenses The BrandTrends survey by Kidz Global was successfully launched in Europe, Asia and in Latin America.

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    Feature report

    Awareness and Popularity in Argentina – Kids 7-9 Years Old

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Feature brand

Violetta in Italy

One of the Top 20 most popular brands : Of all the tested brands among girls 7 to 14 years old, Violetta is one of the Top 20 most popular brands. All girls 7-14 know Violetta : In January 2014, more than 90% of girls 7-14 years knew Violetta.

39% of girls 10 to 14 even spontaneously mentioned Violetta as an entertainment brand. Girls asked about the origin of the brand Violetta agree in... read more

Awareness 92% Girls 7-9/ Italy


The British brand that is Peppa Pig began as a preschool animated TV series, first aired in 2004. While the series ended in 2012, since2013 it has exploded in popularity around the world, from countries as wide ranging as Italy, Spain and Germany, to Australia. The appeal of the show is undeniable, featuring cute animals with sweet and simple plot lines, the episodes feature every day activities... read more

Our illustrator www.mykaia.fr

Feature Report

Awareness and Popularity of Entertainment Brands Among Kids in Argentina

With extensive market research collated over the last two years, we are able to provide a selection of insights into entertainment brand popularity and licensing. We have identified the main factors in brand popularity, analyzing... read more

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